KMINA - Sneeze Guard Desk
KMINA, Movilidad, Vida Diaria
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SNEEZE GUARD DESK (10 units) – 28″ x 20″


PVPR: 69,90€ – £64.90 – $49.90

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Pack of 10 office partition screen to protect office employees. The sneeze guard for desk separates workstations and serves as a divider for long tables (both laterally and frontally) and helps keep the safety distance between employees.


♥ Made with translucent sheets of 0.12" thick polypropylene (PP). This material allows light to pass through it but it isn't clear.


♥ Dimensions: 27.6" long and 19.7" high, ideal for workstations where the worker is seated.


Assembly: the polypropylene feet are inserted into the slots. No screwing required. The own office partition screen is supported standing up with the plastic feet (included) that exert a stable and secure support.


♥ Gives a feeling of comfort, safety and privacy to the employees and users.