KMINA - Nitrile Gloves
KMINA, Movilidad, Vida Diaria
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PVPR: 19.99€ – £19.99

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♥ Pack of 100 nitrile disposable gloves (non-medical), suitable for people with a latex allergy (LATEX FREE). The gloves adapt perfectly to palms and fingertips, providing a better grip.


♥ Silicone-free, these nitrile black gloves are thin and allow you to use mobile devices and tablets without removing them.


♥ Nitrile gloves are ambidextrous, so there is no need to split a pair to replace a damaged glove.


♥ Disposable black nitrile gloves are perfect for jobs like car maintenance and repair, food handling, chemical manufacturing and use, cooking, gardening, lab work or painting and decorating.


♥ These gloves are in accordance with the following standard: Standard UNE EN 374 guarantee impermeability, maximum flexibility and great sensitivity in order to allow its use in all types of work safely.