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USEFUL: The long shoe horn allows you to put on and take off your shoes without the need to bend down as it is a shoehorn on the upper part and a shoehorn remover (boot jack) on the lower part.


♥ EXTRA LONG: This shoe horn measures 30" so it allows you to easily put on and take off your shoes without bending or twisting.


♥ COMFORTABLE: Thanks to its design with a centered point of gravity, the long handled shoe horn stays upright, which avoids the user having to bend over.


♥ STURDY: In addition to being ergonomic and handy, this long shoe horn is resistant, doesn't bend, deform, or rust.


♥ RECOMMENDED TO: The long handled shoe horn is suitable for children, men and women. Perfect for people with physical limitations, people who have trouble bending, and the elderly.