KMINA - Face Shield
KMINA, Movilidad, Vida Diaria
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FACE SHIELD (5 units)


PVPR: 14,99€ – £14.99

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  • Pack of 5 face shield visors designed to protect the mouth, nose, eyes and face from any contact or splash.
  • Each visor includes a padded piece of foam rubber on the forehead for a comfort contact.
  • Screen dimensions: 14.5" wide and 10" high.
  • Adjustable: it is adjusted with a back velcro straps to fit any head size. Both for adults and children.
  • Made in Europe by IMD SL. This is not a sanitary product. The visor was produced in accordance with the highest European quality standards. The product can be reused after it has been properly cleaned and disinfected. After use, dispose of the shield in accordance with your local recycling and safety regulations.